Développement d’une caméra grand angle miniature

Parmi les systèmes optiques, les lentilles ayant un très grand champ de vue, dites panoramiques, sont des dispositifs extrêmement difficiles à miniaturiser, notamment à cause de leur nombre d’éléments optiques, leur forme et leur complexité. Les techniques actuelles de miniaturisation, utilisées avec succès pour les optiques de téléphones cellulaires, ne permettent pas de miniaturiser suffisamment la lentille grand angle classique.

Formation et transport de poudres dans des plasmas basse pression magnétisés

Ce projet concerne de la formation et le deplacement de nanoparticules de Carbone dans des plasmas basse pression aves presence d'un champ magnetique. On appelle communement ces milieux plasmas poussiereux. Nous travaillerons sur les mecanismes physico-chimiques permettant de generer des nanoparticules dans le volume du plasma et depuis les parois du reacteur. Nous porterons une attention particuliere a l'influence du champ magnetique sur la production de ces poudres. Dans ces milieux, les poussieres sont soumisses a de multiples forces.

Multiscale Data Assimilation and Modeling for Nowcasting and Beyond Year Two

Nowcasting encompasses a detailed description of the current weather along with forecasts during the next several hours. Most current nowcasting techniques, such as MAPLE (the McGill Algorithm for Prediction by Lagrangian Extrapolation) used in The Weather Network/Pelmorex Media Inc., are based on temporal extrapolation of radar and satellite imagery. Recent advances in observation networks, high-resolution numerical models, and in particular the data assimilation methods have great potentials to improve nowcasting accuracy.

In situ mobility characterization of solar grade materials during thin film growth

The intern will collaborate with Plasmionique Inc. to design and construct a novel solar material characterization apparatus. Specifically, the experimental apparatus will monitor the quality of solar materials during thin film growth. This will allow thin film growth to be optimized in a ways never before possible as growth conditions can be adapted in real time to optimize the film growth.

Modification chimique de Filament de cellulose pour le renforcement de composite

L'usine Kruger de Trois-Rivières produit divers dérivés de cellulose. Ces produits ont des propriétés de résistance mécaniques exceptionnelles, une densité faible (légère) en plus d'avoir une coloration relativement neutre. Nous obtiendrons ainsi à partir de ressources renouvelables, le bois, de nouveaux matériaux biosourcés. De plus, le procédé de fabrication est vert puisqu'il n'utilise aucun produit chimique ni enzyme et ne produit pas de rejet (rendement de 100%).

Monitoring hair surface chemical modifications using atomic force microscopy

Since the beginning of recorded time, humans have been developing ways to make themselves more beautiful or otherwise change their appearance. The hair-care industry itself has a huge global economic power: its estimated total

Pollution control of gas mixtures: gas monitoring and detection of contaminants usingnovel THz technology

Electric power plants are the number one toxic air polluters in North America. The emitted pollutants are proven to cause serious health and environmental issues. The emission of Carbon dioxide and of other pollutants, such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide - major drivers of the human-accelerated global climate change- must be monitored insitu. Our goal for the present project is to explore the properties of Terahertz radiation for control of pollution in the atmosphere. In particular, we intend to develop a new waveguide-integrated gas monitor, based on Bragg grating sensors.

The relationship between dark matter and peculiar velocities: Newtechniques and tests with numerical simulations

During this research I will contribute to our growing understanding of dark matter and dark energy by applying and extending the theoretical framework of simulation and modeling of how dark matter couples via gravity to induce measureable peculiar velocities. As a result of this work Dr. Lavaux and I hope to produce a large set of randomly generated universe simulations which can be used to confirm how peculiar velocities and the systematic and random errors associated with measuring them can depend upon the cosmology of the simulation. In working with both Dr. Lavaux, Dr.

Systems and methods for planning and guidance ofneurosurgical procedures

Synaptive Medical Inc together with researchers at Western University, are developing a new Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) platform customizersd for clinical neuroimaging. This proposal is to fund a range of student and post-doctoral training activities associated with the development and testing of this new system. The program will also support the development and testing of MRI-compatible devices and technology for use with the new platform.

Microseismic imaging of hydrocarbon reservoirs treated with hydraulic fracturing

Hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, has become a widely used technique to extract shale gas, tight gas, tight oil, and coal seam gas from low-permeability hydrocarbon reservoirs by injecting fluid and chemicals into wellbores to create small fractures. It has significantly increase the yield of nature gas in recent years. This proposed project takes on the challenge of microseismic imaging for hydrocarbon reservoirs that are treated by hydraulic fracturing.