Software programming and architecture Newsly cross-platform application- BC-517

Discipline(s) souhaitée: Génie - informatique / électrique, Génie, Informatique, Sciences mathématiques
Entreprise: Newsly (Newsly Technologies Inc.)
Durée du projet: 4 to 6 months
Preferred start date: As soon as possible.
Langue exigée: English
Emplacement(s): Vancouver, BC, Canada; Canada; Canada; Canada
Nombre de postes: 2
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Au sujet de l’entreprise: 

Newsly is a recently founded start-up that was born as part of the Founder Institute accelerator. The company is developing an audio-news aggregator mobile cross platform application that makes content personalized articles into podcasts. This application will allow users get daily news about the topics and people they defined, from all news websites and social networks, reading it to them through natural text to speech.


Veuillez décrire le projet.: 

The consumption of audio through mobile and home devices is rising. Based on published data the COVID-19 situation has even increased the audio consumption (the total time of listening to podcasts and audiobooks).  Users today consume news either through non-audio platforms such as newspapers, television, digital newspapers, and some news aggregator apps, or through audio which doesn’t have personalized content such as traditional radio, and some solutions offered by the virtual assistant home devices.

The objective of the project is to develop software features that will improve the app prototype by allowing our app to play user specific topics, with low latency and cost-effective way. The IOS and Android mobile app will allow users to define the subject and people they follow on, and get the latest news and social updates from them, read to them while they commute, work-out, do house chores or relax. Although Newsly is aimed at the general audio/news consumer, it also solves the problem of news consumption by visually impaired people, who will be able to listen to news. The researcher would have to define from scratch the entire architecture of the mobile app including which APIs to choose, what source control to use, which cloud services are needed and how-to CI/CD. He/she will have to develope new features and user interfaces from wireframe models and to ensure the best performance and user experience of the application.


Expertise ou compétences exigées: 


Must have:

  • Experience in working with React Native or Flutter or Other cross-platform mobile development environments
  • Alternatively, if no React Native experience good React experience would be considered as well
  • Strong communication, self-motivation, time management and teamwork skills

Assets :

  • Experience in mobile app development (this includes the whole process, from the first line of code to publishing in the stores
  • knowledge in developing in JavaScript)
  • Experience with database SQL and no-SQL
  • Experience with AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, or other cloud deployment experience
  • Front and back-end mobile development on any platform
  • Experience with Git
  • Familiarity with JSON
  • Previous experience with Python, Node.JS, React, CSS, HTML
  • Technical experience with text to speech or news APIs