AGvisorPRO Ambassador Program and Marketing Campaign: Business Strategy Project- AB-062

Discipline(s) souhaitée: Agriculture, Sciences naturelles, Sciences de l’environnement
Entreprise: AGvisorPRO
Durée du projet: 4 to 6 months
Preferred start date: As soon as possible.
Langue exigée: English
Emplacement(s): Red Deer, AB, Canada; Canada
Nombre de postes: 1
Établissements préférés: L'Université de l'Alberta, Université de Calgary, Université de la Saskatchewan

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Au sujet de l’entreprise: 

AGvisorPRO is building a global connectivity channel for agriculture serving all sectors of the industry from broadacre farming to indoor operations, from dairy to aquaculture. AGvisorPRO matches, connects, archives, rates and transacts knowledge sessions between “seekers” and “advisors” to provide answers now! The AGvisorPRO platform creates an agricultural matrix connecting farmers, experts, industry, government, researchers, and even the public, to address constraining issues in agriculture. We can put experts “on the farm” without being “on the farm”. We help monetize the experience and wisdom of independent advisors. We displace 1-800 with a Tech Direct Solution, connecting farmers to industry reps for free using AGvisorPRO. We can help farmers attend auction sales without being at the sale. We are device agnostic, with capability to work over low bandwidth environments.

AGvisorPRO has been scaling quickly during the pandemic, as remote connectivity has become a crucial tool worldwide. We have grown our team from 2 to over 25 people, and increased sales, during the pandemic. Activities range from digital marketing to improving matching algorithms to address current user concerns. As we grow, we require talent that can see beyond traditional marketing strategies in ag.

Veuillez décrire le projet.: 

The market tells us that we have PMF, our challenge is to scale quickly and address these needs. We need new marketing strategies to increase awareness.  The intern will provide a direct connection to our target market which is young farmers, who have not yet built a network of people to rely on for making operational decisions.

The intern will research the feasibility of an AGvisorPRO ambassador program to be implemented at post-secondary institutions. They will be responsible for designing and implementing one marketing campaign targeted to students at their institution. 

The intern will be able to provide more refined knowledge of young farmers’ pain points, which will improve the PMF of AGvisorPRO. The intern will research and identify which social media platforms are most used by current students, tol help to refine the marketing strategy. The intern will gather first-hand user feedback. This will be critical in shaping the future development of the platform and refining future marketing strategies. 


  1. Research most effective method of communication with target audience
    1.  Identify which social media platforms are most popular among students
    2.  Identify any other communication methods that will be effective with students
  2. Plan a marketing campaign directed towards their fellow students and student associations on campus
    1. Identify opportunities for free and paid advertising
    2. Identify opportunities for integration of AGvisorPRO into classrooms and learning plans
  3. Present and execute campaign
    1. Present marketing campaign plan to the marketing team at AGvisorPRO
    2. If approved, execute campaign
  4. Analysis of effectiveness
    1. Determine the Customer Acquisition Cost of users
    2. Determine the number of impressions, visits, and outcomes 
    3. Analyze any other user metrics requested by marketing team (for example, CLTV, churn rate)
  5. Product research, user testing and feedback
    1. Collect feedback from students that have used the app
  6. Provide report of results and summary of user feedback

Expertise ou compétences exigées: 

  • Basic understanding of marketing and sales an asset
  • Agricultural domain knowledge
  • Aptitude/interest in social media platforms
  • Curious and self-driven
  • Highly adaptable to fast changing startup environments