Emotion School Inc. Curriculum Review- ON-440

Genre de projet: Recherche
Discipline(s) souhaitée: Autre, Sciences sociales et humaines, Psychologie, Travail social
Entreprise: Emotion School Inc.
Durée du projet: 4 to 6 months
Preferred start date: As soon as possible.
Langue exigée: English
Emplacement(s): Virtual Interaction- open to national collaborations, Canada
Nombre de postes: 1
Niveau de scolarité désiré: CollègeÉtudes de premier cycle/baccalauréatMaîtriseDoctoratRecherche postdoctorale
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Au sujet de l’entreprise: 

Emotion School Inc. is a for-profit start-up company providing affodable, effetive, actionable therapeutic educational interventions to individuals and households (BtoC) via a unique format of hands-on, self-led programs. It was founded out of a desire to empower people to raise their own emotional functioning, to establish wholesome routines of face-to-face interaction between household members, and to democratize access to mental/emotional health supports, the same way that we in Canada have unversal access to medical supports. Named for its flagship product, Emotion School is a self-led educational program designed for parents to do with their children that teaches emotional literacy, regulation, intelligence, and resillience. The program is the first of its kind that the company intends to produce – consider self-led educational/therapeutic programs tackling a variety of specific circumstances/issues – grief, divorce, ADHD, anxiety, etc. The company is marketed to kids (but is “really” for all members of the household), and is “hosted” by two playful, animated characters who have serious kid-appeal, and around whom the brand revolves.

Veuillez décrire le projet.: 

The company’s flagship program, Emotion School, is a self-led educational program designed for parents to do with their children that teaches emotional literacy, regulation, intelligence, and resillience. It consists of 30 mini-lessons (broken down into 6 modules that arrive boxed, in sequence, as the family graduates through the program). Emotion School introduces participants to a series of complex psychological, social, and emotional concepts, and solidifies these concepts through hands-on pratise of new skills. Each lesson incldes information, hands-o game/activity, and discussion questions.

While the program pulls together several schools of psychological, social, and cultural thought, the backbone consists in Berglerian psychoanalytic theory, and rests on the idea that emmotional dysfunction is, at root, the result of psychic masochism and its manifestations.

I am seeking a highly educated psychoanaltic researcher or psychiatric/psychological clinician - preferably one famliar with or well-versed in the work of Edmund Bergler, to review the curriculum for accuracy, optimal flow in the introduction of concepts, to add/edit additional helpful concepts where called for, and for their affiliated regulatory body and/or educational institute to endoorse the project once it’s finished.

My hope is to find a fantastic match who will take on the flagship project and then be available to work on the content of subsequent products, down the line.

Expertise ou compétences exigées: 

Ideally, I would like to work with an individual willing to/experienced with the work of Dr. Edmund Bergler. It is my understanding that his psychoanalytic approach is not mainstream in contemporary psychoanalytics, so it may be a challenge to find the right candidate. Failing this, I would seek a well-rounded psychoanalytic research candidate who would be interested to delve into the work of Bergler, and could review Emotion School for its overall psychological integrity. The program pulls together several schools of thought and approaches to emotions. The researcher would be brought in as an emotions expert – from a biological, psychological and sociological perspective – and is expected to be a product/program expert – he/she would need to examine the concepts and ideas outlined already, edit them, add to them, and verify the integrity of their compatibility.  Again, I would hope that this individual would be willing to partner on additional products down the line. They should be able to use tracked changes in Word. Again – they and their affiliate university/regulatory body should, idealy, ne able to formally endorse the final product. The product is simultaneoulsy being reviewed by a professional educator with a specialty in curriculum development, to optimize the curriculum as it is written, validate age-appropriateness of the lessons, and extend the age-applicability of lessons by making edits/adjustments to the curriculum. It would be wonderful if the Mitacs researcher could, however, bring this eye to his/her review of the program as well, so an individual with a minor in education would be preferred.