Accelerating equitable access to capital for all Canadians: a research agenda in four steps ON-731

Genre de projet: Recherche
Discipline(s) souhaitée(s): Finance, Sciences mathématiques, Affaires, Sciences sociales et humaines, Science économique
Entreprise: New Power Labs
Durée du projet: Flexible
Date souhaitée de début: Dès que possible
Langue exigée: Anglais avec une certaine capacité en françaisBilingue
Emplacement(s): Open to Remote work, ON, Canada; Canada
Nombre de postes: multiple
Niveau de scolarité désiré: MaîtriseDoctoratNouvelle diplômée/nouveau diplômé
Ouvert aux candidatures de personnes inscrites à un établissement à l’extérieur du Canada: No

Au sujet de l’entreprise: 

New Power Labs is a collaborative platform to inform, co-create, and mobilize new approaches and practices to flow capital more equitably.  We are a new not for profit organization founded and led by social finance sector leaders.

Our goal is to Influence asset holders and asset to increase the flow of capital towards underserved communities.

We also want to influence the aforementioned asset holders and asset managers in the development of more inclusive investment policies and processes (due diligence) in the deployment of capital.

New Power Labs aggregates and synthesizes knowledge and resources, and leads research to uncover and share actionable tools and best practices transforming how equity, diversity and inclusion is applied by practitioners. We work in partnership across the capital spectrum, from philanthropy to impact investing to venture capital and bank financing.

Our four strong pillars are: research, convenings, benchmarking and tools and education.

We want to change the perspective that people have about diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) policies, from constraints to opportunities.

We want to influence the government on the development of policies in the deployment of capital. We want to create a hub/network of knowledge for people who manage the flow of capital.

Veuillez décrire le projet.: 

This project scope will be sub-divided between multiple researchers who may or may not be located at the same institution.

New Power Labs must build a strong actualized literature review on existing and emerging scientific and professional literature on topics related to Canadian flows of capital and EDI.

The project would therefore consist on scouting for literature on those topics, and synthesizing articles into two formats of pre-formatted reading cards:

  • One reading card which goal is synthesizing literature for NPL’s stakeholders in a public-friendly manner;
  • One reading card which goal is summarizing articles for NPL’s research team, with key insights and quotes

To fulfill its organizational mission, New Power Labs will be leading research around 4 key pillars :

Part 1: Power Structures

This research project consists in understanding holds power and what the visual representation of power structures within entities that deploy capital in Canada is.

Part 2: Industry Statistics on Diversity

This research aims at building a disaggregated view of who holds power (demographic representation) in institutions that deploy capital (Partners, board, Investment Committee etc.)  and drawing a socio-demographic portrait of the recipients of the flow of capital distributed by Canadian financing organizations.

Part 3: Understanding the dynamics behind who controls the flow of capital

This research aims at understanding what the factors slowing down people of diverse backgrounds getting access to power within Canadian financial organizations are.

Part 4: Understanding the dynamics behind who gets access to the flow of capital

An expanded description of the proposed project scope is available by contacting Sarah Fairlie via email:

Expertise ou compétences exigées: 

Specific knowledge: The person  should be able to perform literature review, synthesize knowledge and categorize articles according to their type and credibility. 

Specific skill: The person should have an ability to focus on the article being read without being distracted by external stimulations.

Outreach Skills: The individual must be able to ask the research supervisor for assistance if they have questions or are uncertain about certain tasks.

Collaborative skills: Considering that many research analysts will collaborate on this project, the individual who will apply for this job should be able to coordinate efforts to avoid data duplication through diligent reporting of ongoing progress.