Design optimization of barricades made of waste rocks

Stope backfilling with mining wastes has witnessed an increasing trend in the mining industry. Prior to filling underground stopes, barricades must be constructed at the base near the entrance of the stopes to retain backfill slurry. Over the past years, a number of barricade failures have been reported. The consequences associated with a barricade failure were usually serious, including flooding of drifts and working spaces, economic loss, personal injury and even life loss. Barricades should be properly designed.

Geochemical, structural and (thermo)chronological controls on the Au-Ag-Cu-Pb-Zn-Mo metallogeny of the west-central Neotethyan Orogenic Belt: A deposit-district-belt scale approach

The proposed geological research project is collaboration between UBC and industry sponsors to evaluate the nature of metallic resources in NW Turkey. Undeveloped concentrations of gold, silver and copper occur in the study region; these occurrences are being actively explored by the partner organizations. In the interest of the partner companies this research project focuses on an area that completely covers mineral tenure licenses owned by the companies.