COVID-19 Prevention: Hybrid Polymer/Photoactive Ceramic Self-Disinfecting Coating

This twelve-month project aims to understand and propose a practical solution to prevent transmission of COVID-19 from contact with contaminated surfaces. It addresses a challenge of crucial importance for Canada and for Bioastra Technologies, a Canadian company specialising in smart materials for health, robotics and environmental applications. BioAstra was recently designated as an "essential service" by the Quebec government to repurpose existing smart coating and smart wearables technology towards the fight against COVID-19.

Development of CuO-doped phosphate glass in Hydrogel matrix for bone regeneration

In the framework of developing of low-cost bones regeneration implant, bioactive copper oxide phosphate glasses/HA-Chitosan hydrogel are to be investigated to determine optimal formulation producing a HA/hydrogel matrix with structure similar to that of natural bone.