Fly-By-Wire INDI-Based Generic Control Laws for Flexible Civil Transport Aircraft: Enhanced Verification

New generation of civil transport aircraft presents interaction between flight mechanics and structural dynamics. Innovative CLaws have been developed to address this issue. They need to be verified thoroughly by high-fidelity simulations. For a research and development project, the traditional industrial verification process is too demanding and would be too time consuming. Indeed, each high-fidelity simulation is very slow.

Cosmic radiation In-flight Measurement and real-time analysis for Electronic Systems and passenger protection (CIMES) – Part 2

The main objective of this internship is to build a software tool, which will be incorporated on board a test aircraft, in order to indicate to the pilot areas where the cosmic radiation intensity and energy could affect the immunity of electronic modules installed onboard aircraft.
For analysis and design purposes, the measurement system inside the airplane is modeled in the cosmic radiations’ environment by using a specialized software, to determinate the theoretical light pulses number for all