Battery lifetime optimization for AI @ Edge devices

Optimizing energy consumption of Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) devices is mandatory and challenging. Energy Harvesting (EH) from RF, solar, thermal, wind, and kinetic energy sources can be a good substitute for traditional batteries. EH is expected to have abundant applications in future AIoT and self-powered micro-systems such as wireless sensor networks and wearable devices. The combination of different sources of energy with harvesting capabilities is considered as a viable option to develop autonomous or AIoT devices with reduced dependency on batteries.

Adaptive remote powering and data communication for ultra-low power AIOT devices

Conscious of AI, IoT, mobile and automotive products’ explosive growth and potential environmental impact, Dolphin Design is committed to accelerating the development of energy-efficient System-on-Chip for its customers. Dolphin Design continuously aims to meet the stringent power consumption targets for Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) devices. The next generation of IoT devices will be wireless due to inconvenience, costs, or in some cases, the inability to wiring them. In addition, many of them might have strict size constraints.