Anomaly Detection in Aviation Safety Data

The aviation safety is the vital component in global air transport system. As the accidents are the results of complex interactions of various risks and contributing factors, the key to avoid accidents will be proactively identifying such risks and contributing factors and mitigating them beforehand. To support the risk identification, IATA, International Air Transport Association has been collected extensive operation safety data, including accident reports, incident reports and flight data.

Flight Data Risk Identification

In aviation, accidents are spectacular, well-publicized and can lead to dramatic consequences. Thanks to strategies that were first retroactive and then proactive, the players in the aviation industry have succeeded in greatly reducing the number of accidents and incidents (number of deaths per passenger-hour divided by 10 between 1996 and 2004).

Natural Language Processing for Automated Classification and Analysis of Aviation Safety Reports

The aviation industry connects people, markets, and cultures around the world and aviation is the key to ensuring that air transport continues to play a major role in driving sustainable economic and social development.