Effect of Mineralogy on the Application of Sensor-based Sorting Techniques

Comminution, the process of crushing and grinding ore to liberate minerals, is the most energy intensive part of the processing flowsheet and accounts for upwards of 75% of the overall energy consumption of the processing plant. Ideally we would only crush and grind those rocks that contain economically extractable amounts of minerals. MineSense has developed sensors that can detect the level of minerals in rocks and, in particular, can detect very low levels with high accuracy. This proposal is to use MineSense’s sensing technology to pre-concentrate low grade copper ores.

Intelligent Sensing and Automated Sorting of Ore with Rich Sensors

Mining companies have a need to sort rocks based on mineral type. MineSense is researching and developing sorting equipment for this task. Intern will model the problem using probabilistic modelling techniques from the area of artificial intelligence applied to the area of mineral processing using electromagnetic sensors. He will create computer algorithms for automatically interpreting sensor data and intelligently controlling diverters which will identify and divert good rocks into a keep pile and leave the waste in a discard pile.