Modeling and optimization for designing smart freight platform

This research is motivated by the need to coordinate matching and pricing decisions in resource sharing platforms. In general, matching decisions can be seen from different standpoints of shippers, carriers, and the platform. We are particularly interested in investigating the matching problem considering all standpoints simultaneously, which has not received much attention in the literature review.

AI and Urban Big Data-driven intelligent freight platform for robust and sustainable city design and planning: The case of City of Montreal

La gestion des perturbations est un élément essentiel des plateformes de transport de marchandises. Cela nécessite une correspondance et une planification dynamiques en tenant compte de la configuration logistique basée sur les données en temps réel des demandes des systèmes de fret lors des déplacements quotidiens des zones urbaines.

A scalable data science platform to support intelligent freight services and logistics

ShipHaul Logistics aims at developing an Intelligent Freight Services platform towards the digitization, integration and optimization of freight management. The proposed project is the first step to provide the foundations and infrastructure and kickstart the development of the envisioned platform. To this end, we will emphasize evaluation, testing and comparative studies concerning the efficiency and capabilities of various software solutions for the constituent modules of the proposed platform.

Developing a hybrid optimization model for matching and pricing strategies in an intelligent freight transportation platform under uncertainties

The freight industry market is complex and dynamic and has many challenges such as inefficient operations, coordination issues, lack of shipment visibility, market volatility, cargo thefts, road incidents, and quality assurance of sensitive products. Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic situation has brought new difficulties to the freight industry in Canada and worldwide.