Robust Islanding detection strategy for distributed generators

Concerning global warming and depletion of fossil fuel reserves, the integration of distributed energy generators into grids is rapidly increasing in the last decades. However, the distributed generators degrade power quality and may damage loads when islanding occurs in a part of the grid. To overcome these issues, all distributed generators must be equipped with anti-islanding detection and protection systems to shut down the distributed generator units in the islanded zones.

Optimal Design of passive filters for variable speed drives

This project aims to design new highly compact and highly effective filters for a multi-level power converter based on wide-bandgap (WBG) transistors that integrates an Active Front Ends on the grid-side. Leveraging the high switching speed of WBG, new light weight multi-stage filters suppressing all switching frequency are designed for both the utility and motor side. This filter should feature higher power density, higher efficiency and lower switching losses when compared to traditional LCL ones, and should be applicable in the context of a commercial motor inverter design.