Accounting for policy transfer in Canadian asylum policy, 1999-2012

In the context of the intern’s postdoctoral project, the research project aims to examine the correlation between the restrictiveness of a reform and the likeliness of its transfer using the IMPALA database. To this aim, the intern, after having received appropriate training, will incorporate the relevant regulatory framework in the International Migration Policy and Law Analysis (IMPALA) database. The IMPALA database includes a wider range of regulatory documents than existing databases, with primary and secondary legislation, administrative directives and relevant case law. It also includes a questionnaire aiming to weight the restrictiveness of the incorporated regulatory framework. With respect to the partner, he will gain a better understanding of the roots of restrictive legislative and regulatory changes in immigration which is useful for the purpose of lobbying the government and to support administrative or constitutional cases for judicial review.

Adèle Garnier
Superviseur universitaire: 
France Houle
Project Year: