Acid Stimulation in Carbonate Reservoirs

The Grosmont Formation contains about 400 billion barrels of resource and is a huge prize for Alberta and Canada. Laricina Energy is at the forefront of unlocking this resource with its Saleski carbonate pilot. The Grosmont mainly consists of dolomite and if acid is added to the formation, the reservoir rock dissolves and its permeability can be enhanced. It remains unclear whether acid stimulation is acting as a wellbore cleaning technology or whether it is acting as an element of the recovery process itself since acid reacts with the carbonate rock to generate carbon dioxide. Here, acid stimUlation data from Laricina will be analyzed and modeled to understand how it aids the recovery process. The results will show how acid stimulation can be optimally combined with thermal recovery to maximize oil rate and recovery, minimize steam-to-oil ratio and carbon dioxide emissions to oil ratio, and water losses.

Tao (Tony) Guo
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Ian Donald Gates
Project Year: