Adaptive remote powering and data communication for ultra-low power AIOT devices

Conscious of AI, IoT, mobile and automotive products’ explosive growth and potential environmental impact, Dolphin Design is committed to accelerating the development of energy-efficient System-on-Chip for its customers. Dolphin Design continuously aims to meet the stringent power consumption targets for Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) devices. The next generation of IoT devices will be wireless due to inconvenience, costs, or in some cases, the inability to wiring them. In addition, many of them might have strict size constraints. Powering and ensuring ultra-long autonomy for devices with no cord for power and limited space for a battery becomes a daunting challenge. Further, in order to make the smart objects paradigm come true (devices with embedded intelligence and high level of autonomy and communication) much research is needed in order to develop self-power managed system with data communication ability which has an ultra-low power consumption, small and simple implementation, and overall optimized performance. In this research proposal, our objective concerns the implementation of an ultra-low power and adaptive wireless power and data transfer system dedicated to AIoT applications.

Aref Trigui
Superviseur universitaire: 
Yvon Savaria
Partner University: