Advanced Free-space Optical Link Prototype for Space Applications

As we advanced into the information age, the need for high capacity communication channels is becoming
ubiquitous. As the next generation of satellites is being deployed there is a need for efficient interconnections
between them, especially for those forming low earth orbiting constellations for the coming Internet-of-Space
applications. The limited radio frequency spectrum available is not sufficient to implement these communication
links, and thus, free-space optical interconnects (FSOIs) are expected to become the technology of choice to
interconnect satellites. Reflex Photonics, a company from Kirkland, Quebec, has been providing optical
interconnect solutions for connections inside satellites for the past 4 years and is now exploring how to leverage
its expertise to build FSOI transmitters for space applications. To do this, they are collaborating with Prof.
Ménard of UQAM on an advanced multichannel high-speed FSOI prototype for space applications.

Najla Najeeb
Superviseur universitaire: 
Michaël Ménard
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