Advanced interconnects manufacturing toolbox for the Integrated Innovation Chain for Digital Prosperity

The ever-increasing complexity of integrated circuits and systems, induced by ubiquitous portable electronics, internet-power applications and artificial intelligence (AI), necessitate to increase the number interconnections between the chips in a package level like never before. These advanced packaging approaches in turn require novel patterning technology to define the connecting lines between the microelectronics chips. Thus, we propose to develop processes for an advanced interconnect technological toolbox enabling the fabrication of reliable high-performance metallic interconnections at the device/circuit level and at the system/packaging level for microelectronic chips, molded wafer chips and organic substrates for the next generations of computing systems.
This proposal will leverage the “Chaine d’Innovation Intégrée: Prospérinté par le Numérique” newly acquired state-of-the-art tools located at C2MI and 3IT: a molding system for wafer reconstruction, metal plasma etching tools, a nanolithography e-beam writer and a maskless aligner for direct laser writing. This tool box will be used to target applications such as superconducting devices for quantum computing and neuromorphic chips for efficient AI-based edge computing.

Pierre Gliech;Raphael Dawant;Hussein Hamiech;Olga Chichvarina
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dominique Drouin
Partner University: