Advancing Data Science Research (Cohort #2)

Enormous quantities of machine-readable data, measured in many terabytes, are readily available. The sources include the world-wide web, publicly available databases, raw experimental data, unannotated genomic sequences generated by biochemical tools, and so on. However, data does not necessarily equal useful information. More often than not, the data has to be intelligently processed, interpreted, transformed, and then integrated into unified repositories. The research internships in the data science consortium enable local companies to access high-in-demand expertise and collaborate with the University of Victoria to advance and apply high quality methods for exploring, integrating and analyzing “big data” for their respective business goals. The consortium seeks to build an ongoing initiative in data science and industry collaborations through HQPs.

Dandan Huang, Sahand Saba, Nathan Vanderberg, Daniel Xia,, Zhao Evian, Min Xiang & TBD
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Melanie Tory
Dr. Frank Ruskey
Dr. Alex Thomo
Dr. [Monica] Yvonne Coady
Project Year: 
British Columbia