Advancing traceability in informal supply chains through applied AI and ML

PemPem develops tools to ensure product traceability in informal supply chains using AI. These informal supply chains employ over 60% of the working population worldwide. They typically have highly inefficient operations due to very limited access to information and a reliance on opaque word-of-mouth coordination. While PemPem has started solving the problem of collecting data on commercial transactions and activity in these informal supply chains and of improving their efficiency, it now has to convert this data into actionable traceability insights. A major challenge is that the data is imperfect, due to the nature of how the data is collected. This internship aims to develop the algorithms that will automatically interpret the data that is collected by PemPem on a real-time basis in order to allow the development of a new traceability platform built on artificial intelligence.

Rémi Dion
Superviseur universitaire: 
Ioannis Mitliagkas
Partner University: