Antireflective nano-patterned surface treatment and glass flow modeling for large-scale glass applications

Based at Montréal, Canada, Edgehog specializes in anti-reflection and other light management solutions for displays and solar panel covers. Their nanostructuring technology aims to enable full display readability from all angles in direct sunlight and reduced power consumption through lowered screen brightness as well as boosting solar panel efficiency by increased sunlight absorbance. As their current technology proofs the concept at lab scale, further research is needed to find scalable fabrication processes for successful technology transfer to industry level and large-scale applications such as solar panel covers. During the proposed project, two academic interns will build on prior build preliminar technology developed under a Mitacs Accelerate grant to contribute to development, and process prediction by numerical modeling, of a scalable fabrication processes that is compatible with state-of-the-art devices and large-scale solar panels. Results of the study will be transferred to Edgehog supporting this Canadian company in successfully entering this market internationally at large scale. This will help position a Canadian company at the forefront of this key market in the electronics and solar industries, leading to the creation of new knowledge on high-precision advanced manufacturing technologies and the creation of new jobs, and thereby provide a benefit to Canada overall.

Gabriel Roberge;Douglas Cole
Superviseur universitaire: 
Lucas Hof;Ricardo Zednik
Partner University: