Applying low latency touch sensor technology to mobile devices Year Two

When a user makes an input to a computer, there is a necessary delay before the computer is able to respond. For mouse-based computers, responding within 100ms was sufficient to appear ‘immediate’. In touch-based systems, latency is more apparent, represented as a physical separation between the finger and the object moved onscreen. Technologies capable of immediate (1ms) reporting of input to the computer are being developed by Tactual Labs. Such sensors hold the key to the elimination of lag in the user interface. Unfortunately, once the signal from the input device arrives at the computer, the architectures of modern operating systems add significant latency, making immediate responses unachievable. In this project, I have a dual focus. First, measuring the effects of latency, and determining the levels necessary to eliminate perception and performance affects. Second, the development of software and hardware architectures that enable responses that are, to the user, immediate.

Ricardo Jorge Jota Costa
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Ravin Balakrishnan
Project Year: