Architectural analysis in the context of an IoT-driven modernization process

The Internet of Things (IoT) presents opportunities for innovative systems that can be used by companies to get a competitive edge. In this context, 360-Agency is working on integrating an IoT solution, called Reatinos, into her existing system. Modernizing such large software system is a demanding and costly task, and it requires understanding of the system’s architecture. The goals of this project are: 1) establish scenarios and quality attributes that stem from IoT devices integration and that must be supported by 360-Agency system, and 2) assess the software architecture of this system according to these scenarios and quality attributes. These goals will be achieved through a combination of a top-down and bottom-up methodologies. The top-down methodology will exploit existing work on IoT while the bottom-up methodology will help recover architectural views from the existing system and carry-out analysis of the system. Thus this project consists in a case study that will help synthesize a systematic approach for architectural analysis in the context of an IoT-based modernization process.

Louis-Philippe Chouinard
Superviseur universitaire: 
Ghizlane El Boussaidi;Segla Kpodjedo
Partner University: