An assessment of the circular economy practices, tools, and technology advancement in the aircraft industry

Sustainable development goals are the common agenda for the nations to save our planet. The UN SDG outline includes 17 goals with several targets for the operationalization of sustainable development by 2030. The main elements in goal 12 include reducing material consumption and footprint, increasing the recycling rate, decreasing the food wastes, management of hazardous substances, and increasing the number of policies for promoting sustainable production and consumption. The circular economy is an effective strategy for the operationalization of goal 12. Today, aircraft manufacturers aim to move towards sustainable design and operations and technological solutions to minimize the environmental impacts of their products. This research project aims to identify the perspectives of circular economy and applying the best practices in the aircraft industry. Different aspects of the circular economy including supply, product development, production, maintenance, and end of life phase will be considered.

Alexandre Labelle
Superviseur universitaire: 
Samira Keivanpour
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