Automate key elements of the patient journey in the Medical Context

Dialogue is a virtual healthcare provider targeted towards the corporate environment. The service promotes employee wellness and productivity by connecting users to qualified healthcare professionals through an online or mobile application. The Dialogue service is increasingly being enhanced by AI techniques to improve user experience and streamline the procedure. These improvements include:
• A Natural Language Understanding (NLU) model capable of extracting information from user messages, with automatic appointment booking and providing answers to frequently asked questions;
• A Natural Language Generation (NLG) model capable of generating personalized follow-ups based on a user’s past care episodes;
• A Reinforcement Learning (RL) model capable of conversing with the user and diagnosing medical conditions.
This project involves improving an existing model or creating a new model that accomplishes one of the above tasks, as well as deploying it to production.

Nicolas Trudel-Mallet;Yassir El Mesbahi
Superviseur universitaire: 
Ioannis Mitliagkas
Partner University: