Automatic AI based detection of cranial deformity in infants

Positional plagiocephaly is an increasingly common form of cranial deformity in infants, affecting approximately 40% of infants under the age of 1. While it is not associated with developmental defects or learning impairments, there can be long term aesthetic implications for deformity that is not appropriately addressed early in life. Early identification of plagiocephaly and initiation of treatment is a key step in ensuring positive outcomes, but accurately monitoring the development of head shape is difficult when primary care physicians manage ever larger patient loads. To support physicians in the diagnosis of head deformities, the current project aims to validate an AI-based mobile application to automatically track head shape and diagnose infantile head shape deformities. The intern will conduct a clinical validation study to measure the AI algorithms diagnostic accuracy, and will build an anonymous database of infant head photos for refinement of the partner organisations current algorithm.

Ayden Watt
Superviseur universitaire: 
Mirko Gilardino
Partner University: