Benefit of algae meal supplementation during pregnancy on piglet health Year Two

Research suggests that a skewed dietary ratio of omega-6: omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (n-6: n-3 PUFAs) in westernized diets and an increase in maternal stress during pregnancy are risk factors for offspring inflammatory diseases. Typically, a diet high in n-6 PUFA is thought to promote pro-inflammatory mediators, while n-3 PUFA have anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, the proposed research will investigate whether or not maternal supplementation with n-3 PUFA during late pregnancy protects offspring from stress-induced neuroendocrineimmune programming that contributes to offspring inflammatory disease. With stainability of the fishing industry in question, we will explore a novel source of n-3 PUFA in the form of algae. This research will benefit Alltech Inc. by assessing the health benefits of their algae product for monogastric species. The results will be presented at industry meetings and in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Rebecca Fisher
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Niel Karrow
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