Biomechanical Factors as a Diagnostic Aid for Aortic Pathologies

We have developed a software tool that could be used as stand-alone software, or could be implemented in a vascular diagnostic suite (for example within the post-processing software that accompanies most CT and MR scanners). The tool would allow surgeons and radiologists to better evaluate the current state of the aorta under examination and the likelihood of rapid enlargement, rupture or dissection. This added tool would be used together with the existing vascular diagnostic tools, such as diameter and rate of growth providing an improved and more effective diagnosis. The suite enables a complete set of measurements from patient-specific data that includes 3D map of strain, 3D map of local material properties, and. 3D map of stress. We envision the use of this technology towards helping clinicians in evaluating individual aneurysms. The maps provide an index of rupture potential based on geometrical and structural factors, as well as tools to visualize and export 3D and 2D measurements. Specifically, local areas of high deformability, as well as areas of low stiffness and high stress will be illustrated.

Giampaolo Martufi
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Dr. Giampaolo Martufi
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