Blockchain-based secure transaction logging system

Smart-city platform developed by B-CITI company stores sensitive information of platform users (citizens) in a database to provide them services. The proposed research project’s aim is to build a system that records each user interaction with the database. The records are immutable and, easily linkable and traceable. The records can be used as forensics evidence for proving and validating the integrity of the data in the database. For this, we use permissioned blockchain that is managed by multiple untrusted entities to generate trust in the system. The entities include B-CITI, city corporation and citizens. Consensus mechanism among the untrusted entities guarantees trusted execution of the system. The developed system is used by B-CITI in their future implementations of the platform.

Muni Venkateswarlu Kumaramangalam
Superviseur universitaire: 
Raphaël Khoury
Partner University: