The Business Case for Sustainability: Cost Savings and New Revenue Generation through Implementing Sustainable Community Plans in Small Ontario Municipalities

The proposed research project to be undertaken by the intern aims to find cost-saving trends of market-based instruments and other mechanisms for small municipalities. By collecting data indicating the performance of different types of market-based instruments and other mechanisms the intern will be able to distinguish which ones have seen the most positive results in regards to cost-savings. This benefits the partner organization, as they will receive hard evidence concerning the effectiveness of their suggested policies and procedures within sustainable community plans. With this information LURA consulting can better serve future clients by emphasizing the benefits of particular market-based instruments. This research also gives LURA a chance to promote their success with past clients, future advancing their reputation as a sustainable community plan development leader.

Reuben DeBoer
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Amelia Clarke
Project Year: