Calgary’s water main asset management using predictive models

All water utilities, engineering consulting firms, and provincial and federal departments in Canada responsible for design, operation, maintenance, rehabilitation, and development of a water distribution system would directly benefit from the outcomes of the proposed research. Efficient and effective asset management of water distribution infrastructure is a demand driven issue for any water utilities due to resources and budget constraints. The proposed research is targeting any water utilities under a good notion to improve asset management practices in Canada. Hence, City of Calgary’s water utility will be the first to benefit from the proposed research. The proposed asset management models can be adapted to other countries facing similar challenges. This research will help City of Calgary in specific and Canada in general to lead R&D in this domain. This research will train and prepare many high quality personnel’s that will be able to disseminate the knowledge in a near future.

Golam Kabir & Gizachew Demissie
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Solomon Tesfamariam
Project Year: 
British Columbia