Capturing the Everyday Experience of Living with Alzheimer’s Disease: Ambulatory Assessment of Movement, Speech, and Sleep

While Alzheimer's disease (AD) is irreversible, strategies to slow functional decline associated with the disease have demonstrated effectiveness. A critical aspect of the recommended model of care is accurate and regular assessment of patient behaviour in everyday life, such as physical function and sleep quality. However, current clinical assessments rely heavily on patient or caregier observations to recall everyday behaviour, which may be unreliable and subject to bias. This project is aimed at developing a wearable device to collect and deliver indicators of everyday behaviour to health teams. These indicators, such as physical activity and sleeping patterns, will assist health teams in identifying target areas for intervention and evaluate progress. The industrial partner, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, is a major regional provider of health care services to patients with AD and cognitive impairments. This project will extend clinicians' reach and enhance their ability to care for patients.

James Tung
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr.Pascal Poupart
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