Citizen data for cycling research: App development

Canadians are increasingly using cycling as a means of transportation. However, understanding the risks is problematic as data is limited. To address this, the Spatial Pattern Analysis and Research (SPAR) Lab has created a web-map,, to gather data from cyclists on crashes, near misses, hazards, and thefts. Cyclists around the world have enthusiastically begun to map points. However, requires a web-browser, which, in this day and age of mobile devices, limits its functionality. In partnership with a subsidiary of CAA, Club Auto Roadside Services Ltd., SPAR Lab is seeking a Mitacs grant to develop a mobile App to obtain more comprehensive data on cycling incidents. In addition to better access to cycling incident tools, the mobile App would include the ability to submit photos of geotagged hazards and also collect data on where cyclists are riding. Cyclists will also be able to receive alerts of new incidents in their riding area.

Darren Boss
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Trisalyn Nelson
Project Year: 
British Columbia