Closing the Gap of Write- vs. Read-intensive Data Stores Using SSDs Year Two

Many big data challenges are characterized not only by a very large volume of data that has to be processed but also by a high data production rate. In this project, new storage approaches for big data will be explored. Key point is the efficient use of modern hardware, especially modern storage technology such as SSDs. These new technologies have highly improved performance in comparison to traditional hardware. However, classical data structures and algorithms can not directly be applied due to the different characteristics of these devices. Also, the high cost of the new technology makes their exclusive use uneconomical in many cases. Therefore, hybrid storage approaches will be investigated that efficiently use modern and traditional technologies in a combined fashion thus leveraging both. This research has the potential to impact all existing key-value stores and database management systems alike.

Tilmann Rabl
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Hans Arno-Jacobsen
Project Year: