Co-construction of a sport selection toolkit to support participation in leisure-time physical activity for manual wheelchair users

Parasports Quebec provides sport opportunities for people with disabilities at all performance levels to promote meaningful engagement throughout the lifespan. The physical and social benefits of sport are amplified for people who use manual wheelchair (MWC), but sporting opportunities for wheelchair users are often limited by availability. Therefore, choice of sport and fit with individuals’ abilities is commonly overlooked. Co-creation of a toolkit that facilitates identification of physical qualities that fit with specific sports may augment choice and facilitate sport uptake and maintenance. As a result, clientele of Parasports Quebec may be better served through optimizing sport selection. The toolkit will be shared with other sporting organizations in Quebec, and a give-it-a-go day organized by the trainee and Parasports Quebec will promote sport uptake and use of the evidence-based toolkit.

Corentin Barthod
Superviseur universitaire: 
Krista Best;François Routhier
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