From cotton candy to medical masks: hot melt Rotary Jet Spinning of filtration material to protect COVID-19 frontline workers

Several countries worldwide are currently moving on to a post-confinement phase that aims at restarting economic activities while controlling the spread of the virus. Medical masks are essential for medical workers, and are considered to minimize the spread of the virus within communities. Recommendations from various healthcare authorities are showing that the universal use of medical masks would be considered if supplies permit. Local manufacturing of medical masks is hindered by critical shortages of the material used as a filtration layer that is mainly manufactured in Asia. Here, we propose to to develop and scale-up an inexpensive and high yield hot melt rotary jet spinning process, similar to that used for the making of cotton candy, to manufacture nonwoven filtration fabric for medical mask confections in partnership with Supermax Healthcare Canada. This project will provide Canadian medical equipment manufacturers with an alternative to the currently overpriced and scarce filtration membrane used in medical filtration equipment.

Jacques Lengaigne
Superviseur universitaire: 
Ilyass Tabai;Martine Dube
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