Could tele-optometry be equivalent to gold standard optometry?

For some years now, there have been very few studies published on tele-optometric eye exams, even though many types of telemedicine platforms are already used in some eye clinics throughout North America. Therefore, this project, in partnership with IRIS The Visual Group, aims at comparing an eye exam conducted by a remote optometrist and an onsite technician with one performed by an in-office optometrist. Each participant will undergo these two exams and answer a patient satisfaction survey about the two different modalities of eye exam. The objectives of the project are to properly assess the efficacy of using tele-optometry in primary eye care in comparison to gold standard presential eye exam and to analyse participants’ attitude towards its implementation in eye clinics. Thus, this study may help better define the actual tele-optometry regulation in Canada, which could allow optometry clinics and eyewear to safely add tele-optometric eye exams to their services.

Nicolas Blais
Superviseur universitaire: 
Jean-Marie Hanssens
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