The COVID-19 pandemic and support for vulnerable people: A study of Centraide’s actions

During the Covid19 pandemic, the federal and Québec governments decided to implement total containment. This decision significantly affected people in situations of vulnerability and poverty, such as isolated seniors, the homeless, young families in precarious situations, people with mental health problems, people with disabilities, and newcomers. First of all, they often lost almost all their sources of income without the compensation provided by the federal government. Besides, the confinement and fear of the virus significantly reduced the density of social support they previously enjoyed. They were often completely disoriented. Centraide of Greater Montréal, a public foundation that was omnipresent in the fight against poverty and its effects, inevitably found itself amid this great social crisis. How did it manage this? What were the effects on vulnerable people? This is the purpose of the study that the Chair of Strategy and Society at HEC Montréal wishes to undertake, with the collaboration of officials and volunteers from Centraide and the community agencies concerned.

Mohammadsadegh Hashemi
Superviseur universitaire: 
Taïeb Hafsi
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