Creating a Map of Adipose Tissue Distribution and Automated Analysis for Plastic Surgery

The surgical practices involving fat are constantly evolving at the cutting edge of technology. Procedures involving fat manipulation, such as liposuction, contain a degree of subjectivity which is mainly guided by the surgeon's visual or tactile perception of the underlying fat. This lack of subjectivity raises an important issue regarding the surgeon's ability to replicate his work and predict the final results of the procedures. Moreover, there is currently no absolute method to measure the volume of the fat in real time effectively. Current works will demonstrate that the thickness of fat can be automatically and objectively measured in real time in the operating room using ultrasound technology and an in-house software. The benefit to the partner organisation is the development of an optimized ultrasound assessment tool using artificial intelligence to provide surgeons and patients with a repeatable, predictable service and, ultimately, greater confidence in the planning and execution of invasive surgical procedures in plastic surgery.

Robert Harutyunyan
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Thomas Hemmerling
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