Creative Funding Opportunities for Cultural Space Projects: Lessons for Toronto

This research project investigates public and private investment ideas and strategies for local culture and heritage projects, with an emphasis on lessons for Toronto, Canada. The study will identify emerging trends and developments in the areas of urban planning, heritage preservation, cultural investment and local governance. The research will be based on current thinking from academic literature, public policy, professional expertise, and first-hand accounts of those working in the philanthropic and charitable giving sectors. The intern will be responsible for producing the final report: a 20-25 page white paper consisting of an executive summary, description of methodology, key findings, application of research, and policy implications sections. Ultimately, the research will inform ERA’s existing planning and policy work on culture and heritage infrastructure in Toronto. ERA is currently working with a local parks’ group, (FOAG), to identify innovative public and private investment opportunities for culture, heritage, and community initiatives. The final report will provide a roadmap for local stakeholders (e.g., community and interest groups) and city officials (e.g., city staff and planners) to access best practices for financing and delivering local culture and heritage projects.

Jeff Biggar
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Deborah Leslie
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