A decision support tool for promoting new business models of cultural organisations in the context of COVID-19 crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has stimulated the need for digital transformation among organizations in order to adapt their business models and practices to survive from the pandemic. Data-driven solutions would emerge as the key of success by supporting cultural organizations to launch new products / services, developing marketing strategies, and improving customer experience.

Our research project aims at proposing an approach for the design and implementation of a decision support tool for cultural organizations with the focus on dashboards supporting data-driven visualization and decisions. The proposed decision support tool is strongly believed to catch up with trends in customers’ preferences and behaviors. As the dashboards and interactive reports are integrated and analyzed from the diverse sources, cultural organizations can rely on the proposed decision support tool to develop new product or service offerings, improve marketing strategies, and gain competitive advantages.

Chloé Saintesprit;Khoa Dam Nguyen Anh
Superviseur universitaire: 
Thang Le Dinh;Hervé Guay
Partner University: