The Definitive, Needle-Free Heart Scan – A Collaborative Effort Towards the Montreal Cardiac MR Protocol

and quantitative clinical assessment of the cardiovascular system. However, the clinical utility of CMR is impaired by the need for local expertise, the technical complexity, and time requirements required to perform it.Recently, several new techniques have radically changed the spectrum of CMR applications. The major pivotal change of CMR acquisition techniques has been the introduction of techniques that allow for a simultaneous acquisition of multiple “dimensions”, or the acquisition of images using an endogenous contrast in the human body (Oxygenation – Sensitive CMR), instead of exogenous pharmaceutical agents. Advanced data mining approaches can then extract this information and become familiar with patterns exhibited by different image types, or even recognize which biomarkers are most important in a patient to understand or classify underlying pathology.This research collaboration will use novel acquisition techniques, image reconstruction, and analysis methodologies to reduce the local expertise and time required to acquire CMR images, and subsequently increase the overall clinical utility of CMR. The partner organizations for this collaboration will be provided a clinical research platform through which to test novel sequences, software tools, or predictive algorithms they have developed.

Mayssa Moukarzel;Shadi Abdolrahimi;Katerina Eyre;Faeze Lotfi Kazemi;Nikoo Mashayekhi;Arseny Kokotov
Superviseur universitaire: 
Matthias Friedrich
Partner University: