Deployment of flexible CAD teamwork: a battery swapping mechanism case study

Product lifecycle management has always been promising. But achieving fully connected data, people, and processes may seem daunting for most SMEs. Spiri Robotics is a vibrant company with strong software engineering roots. They run distributed, remote operation in parallel in several North American cities using state-of-the-art versioning, testing and deployment tools for their code. However, their mechanical design files (CAD) are centralised and manually managed. With their academic and commercial collaborations expending, this a limiting factor and a risk they would prefer to avoid. The goal of this project is to use the design of a novel battery swapping station to deploy and validate a PLM vault architecture. Design and tests will be conducted in simulations, from CAD to flight simulators, integrating design for additive manufacturing considerations up to a physical prototype to validate the product design and its design process.

Matthis Di Giacomo
Superviseur universitaire: 
David St-Onge
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