Design and Implementation of Low-Noise, Wide-Bandwidth Transimpedance Amplifiers for High Speed Optical Receivers

Canadian Internet service providers, including Bell, Rogers, and TELUS are facing critical challenges to upgrade their access networks in order to support bandwidth intensive products and services. Fonex Data System Inc. is developing a novel optical receiver which is anticipated to outperform current receivers. The receiver will enable increased bandwidth at reduced costs for next generation access networks. The proposed internship project seeks to design and implement an important block of the receiver, that is a wide bandwidth and low noise transimpedance amplifier (TIA) based on the BiCMOS technology. The TIA has the major role on the performance of the receiver, providing low noise amplification of a current signal from a photodetector. The project will help the partner to develop its optical receiver which can deliver a solution to the Canadian service providers that meets both their capacity, and cost requirements.

Moein Noferesti
Superviseur universitaire: 
Tarek Djerafi
Partner University: