Design and Testing of Power Amplifiers for 5G and Beyond Wireless Communication

The development of the wireless communication system from 4G to 5G requires more spectrum bandwidth to transfer massive data. Sub-6 GHz frequency range which is below 6 GHz is one of the target frequency band for 5G applications. Thus, power amplifier which is one important component in the transmitter in the wireless communication system is required to operate efficiently at that band. The wide-band modulated signal for the 5G also introduces a wide dynamic range corresponding to a large peak to average power ratio (PAPR). A power amplifier with low efficiency at back-off output power would significantly cost a big amount of energy in the system. The intern will help the company to develop a load modulated power amplifier which has very high efficiency at output power back-off within a broadband at sub-6 GHz. The performance of the proposed PA would be comparable to the state-of-art work in the market.

Xiang Li
Superviseur universitaire: 
Mohammad Sharawi
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