Design of a Force-Feedback Manipulandum with Integrated Sensors

Haply Robotics is developing a haptic device that produces forces on the hand while interacting with medical simulations in virtual reality. As part of this larger project, we will design and evaluate an improved manipulandum – the stylus of the device that is held in the hand – with integrated sensors capable of measuring the grip force applied by the hand and the location of the manipulandum. By measuring the grip force, we will optimize the forces produced such that they are adapted to whether the manipulandum is held loosely or firmly, which can otherwise result in unstable behavior (e.g., unwanted vibrations). By integrating novel tracking sensors, we expect to reduce the cost of tracking, improve the range of motion, and allow the manipulandum to be detached and used as a handheld virtual reality controller. The result will be a high-performance, cost-effective manipulandum that will be part of Haply’s next-generation haptics devices.

Benjamin Delbos
Superviseur universitaire: 
Vincent Levesque
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