Developing Advanced Topologies for High-Power Motor Drives

Energy saving is one of the important issues in today world. In order to improve the performance of the industrial motor drives for high-power applications, higher voltage power converters are recommended. Compared with low-power converters, high-power systems have their distinct characteristics and challenges, and usually require converter configurations capable of processing energy conversion at higher power and voltage levels. The technical requirements and challenges for MV systems differ in many aspects from those of the low-voltage AC converters, which have been mostly resolved. In this project I would like to perform research into promising high-power converter topologies and new control algorithms that are an improvement over existing technology in terms of power quality, cost, efficiency, and reliability. This helps Rockwell Automation Canada to develop new technologies for the next generation of the motor drive systems.

Mehdi Narimani
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Bin Wu
Project Year: