Developing high strength aluminum-based fillers for aluminum welding

The global aluminum welding market is ever increasing due to the growing demand for Al-based products in transportation as well as in construction industries. 6xxx series aluminum alloys are extensively used in automotive industry, and they are mostly required to be joined by welding process. The present study aims to develop the next generation of aluminum-based weld fillers, to provide consistent high strength weldments. The principal objectives are to adjust various Mg and Mn contents in the base filler metal, and join 6xxx plates by means of gas metal arc welding technique, and then evaluate the weldability, performance and mechanical properties of the weldments. Canadian aluminum producers are on a constant quest to develop innovative transformation processes and value added products to ensure a sustainable competitive advantage. This research project, tailored to the transformation priorities and value added products, will help creating novel weld fillers in the market.

Mohamed Ahmed;Amir Farzaneh
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X-Grant Chen;Mousa Javidani
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