Developing an innovation commons for coupling artificial intelligence Startups with Multinational companies in Montreal

This research aims to develop a set of innovation commons that leads to a successful shared innovation between AI companies, mainly startups, and the potential users of the technology who are performing in other sectors. After that we will launch a pilot project collaborating with Centech (a high-tech incubator located in Montreal), to implement the designated innovation commons by putting AI startups and companies with their potential customers in a shared place from the initial stages of innovation and then evaluate the performance of the designed governance model of innovation commons. Finally, we will benchmark the obtained results from the pilot project and publish the outcomes of this project. We believe that this proposed research can make a considerable theoretical contribution to the literature of shared innovation while having a great practical value for AI innovation ecosystem of Quebec. The study will be also beneficial for Centech as a high-tech incubator that successful innovation in high-tech sectors and shaping high-tech startups- corporations collaboration is one of its primary missions.

Farideh Bahrami
Superviseur universitaire: 
Patrick Cohendet
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