Developing Innovative Digital Interventions to Manage Chronic Pain in Canadian Veterans

Online health promotion programmes must be shown to improve health and promote a healthy lifestyle of the target population. These programmes are inexpensive and available to everybody. The company has previously
created an OHPP for Canadian Veterans in order to encourage a healthy lifestyle among Canadian Veterans. We will now develop a second platform to Compliment Chronic Pain in Canadian Veterans. Family members and other
participants will be able to profit from this programme as well. The most typical issues with OHPP are early dropout and low involvement. Gamification and health coaching will be used to minimise dropout rates and improve
engagement. Chronic pain is the most prevalent issue that Veterans face and is not adequately treated with currently available medications and health services. Relaxation techniques, exercises, socialisation with other
members, health coaching, and other interventions will improve the quality of life for Canadian Veterans and their families who suffer from chronic pain. CHIP is currently working with veterans affairs Canada to develop and test
Online Health Promotion Program for Canadian veterans and their families. Partner will benefit by developing and testing a chronic pain management program for Canadian veterans.

Gunel Valikhanova
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Susan Bartlett
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